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What is a Guardian Family?
As a responsible and modern way of growing our breeding program, our “pick of the litter” breeding puppy will live in a family "Guardian" home, within 65 miles of Atlanta. As a Guardian Family, the puppy placed in your home is your dog forever, however SkyeDoodles retains the breeding rights for the dog. After each dog has completed its breeding commitment, the dog will be spayed or neutered and you will have completed your commitment to SkyeDoodles. Guardian Families enjoy having a SkyeDoodle Labradoodle as a family pet and pay less, because they have a special role. The Guardian family bears the responsibility of transporting the dog when dog is needed for heath testing and breeding.

Puppy Adoption

What is the cost to be a Guardian Family?
The cost for guardianship of one of our beautiful breeding dogs is a deposit of $1,250. Once the commitment is over, we refund the $1,250 and the dog is spayed or neutered at the Guardian's expense. As a Guardian Family, you are responsible for the the usual expenses of owning a dog, such as routine veterinary care, puppy training, flea, tick and heartworm prevention, grooming and feeding your dog high quality food. SkyeDoodles pays for all expenses related to breeding, once the commitment is complete.

The following qualifications must be met to become a part of the Guardian Family program.
The biggest requirement is that you give your new family member tons of love!

• Have a fully fenced yard
• Take their dog to puppy obedience classes
• Ensure the puppy is well socialized
• Provide veterinary care when needed
• Feed a diet approved by the breeder
• Notify breeder when a female begins her heat cycle
• Must not allow a female around intact males during her cycle
• Must not allow a male to breed other females
• Live within driving distance of 65 miles of breeder
• Be interviewed by the breeder

Female Dog Guardian Responsibilities
Our contract with the Guardian of a female dog is for three litters. A litter is is constituted and defined by at least five puppies in a litter. During the breeding period the Guardian is responsible for bringing the dog to breeder's reproductive veterinary clinic at a specific time during her cycle where blood is drawn to determine when the female will be bred. There are typically two of these blood draws and it takes about ten minutes. Once the results of the test are known, we breed usually within the same day of the second test or the next day. We then breed a second time usually a day later. Once breeding is complete, the female Guardian goes home with his family and at about thirty days an ultrasound is performed at the same veterinary clinic to confirm pregnancy. About five days before the Guardian email is due to give birth, the Guardian brings the dog to the breeder. Puppies are born and once weened (about six weeks) by their mother, Guardian dog goes home to their family. Guardian family is welcome to visit their dog and enjoy the puppies!

Male Guardian Responsibilities
The contract for a male Guardian is quite different. The contract is five years and it is the Guardian Family's responsibility to transport the male dog to the breeder when needed for breeding. Typically the male dog is needed twice within a span of 2 -3 days.

Why would I want to be a Guardian Family?
Aside from the savings, your new puppy has been chosen as the finest quality that SkyeDoodles has to offer. These puppies have been carefully selected and are considered by our long list of criteria to be the complete package of an Australian Labradoodle for us to use in our breeding program. As a Guardian Family, you will receive a gorgeous new puppy that will make a great family pet due to the wonderful temperament of the Australian Labradoodle. A puppy chosen for the Guardian Family program will go though an intense medical testing and screening at the breeders expense, before they will become a breeding dog. On occasion, a dog in our Guardian program may not pass the high standards of testing needed for a dog to be of breeding quality for us. In this case, the dog is spayed or neutered and the contract becomes void however, your deposit becomes payment for your dog.

Please contact us via email, if you feel the our Guardian Family program is a good fit for you! The Guardian program is a successful and responsible way to breed our select dogs and therefore the dog lives a healthy life with his or her family and is not kenneled or overbred. We love and appreciate our Guardian Families so very much and we look forward to hearing from you.

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